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Dive sites- Milford Haven to St Annes Head

        & wreck dives in Milford Haven


Lies in 6 metres of water on Watwick Reef, very well broken after the boys tried to get inside. Big bang, there's more outside than inside.

West Blockhouse Reef

Nice little 12 metre dive, system of small gullies running seaward few large boulders to the seaweed side. Ling, shoals of Pollack, never seen so many Nudibranchs, spirals, large steel bowl jammed into the rock at the end of the reef.

Mill Bay Reef

Max depth 18 metres reef boulder sandy bits.

Conger, lobsters, loads of fish, the reef is ½ mile sq.

The Greek

Adamantios J Pithos (the 'Greek'). Well broken up keel with ribs, boilers and engine room still there (Jan found a porthole in July - guarded it like a caged lion)

Max depth 16 metres.

Chapel Rocks

9 metres down to 20 metres large reef large anchor to the east covered in plumose plenty of life runs a bit on springs.  


Otherwise known as the Mid Channel Light - marks the mid channel rock. Sea Empress parked here for a while, some large gullies going down to 30 + metres - got to get the tide right or you've gone under the ferry.  

St Ann’s Outer Reef

Not for the faint hearted 36 metres deep and black only on slack water, salt meets fresh at 13 metres loads of sponges, Ross coral, crays and shoals of fish.






Half a mile from St.Anns Head - a reef system up to 12m and down to 30m. Looks like Legoland with big square blocks that appear man made. The Yonaguni of Wales. Is there an old wreck here? Not a novice dive - current runs well here.  

Greek Reef

System of reefs going seaward plenty of lobsters and crab, congers and Pollack.

Sheep Island

Starts with large boulders 10 metres deep loads of lobbies to the inside work your way out and around large reef with big gullies heading out seaward, large smooth hound and a lot of fish.

Wreck around the corner

Just round the corner from St Ann's behind the first big rock - loads of steel plates and wreckage well broken up.


Another WW2 wreck well broken up. Sometimes more lobbie pots than wreck. Lies in 22 metres just to the east of the headland before Watwick bay. Ok for a second dive - watch your fingers there's some sharp pieces (Ask Richard)

There is a permanent marker buoy on the wreck.

Thorn Island

Not a lot here, just boulders, kelp out to the sand. On the west side there is a really good bed of clams & octopus came up in the bag as well (Old Napoleonic fort).

Stack Fort

Colony includes a few seals. OK for 2nd dive. Wall reef runs out to the east - few lobsters, crabs etc. Plenty of fish life, runs around the island fairly briskly (Old Napoleonic fort).

Castle Head

Pleasant little novice dive 10 metres deep but really pleasant.

Loads of life, wall rocks with kelp lots of fish life squat lobsters.

Mill Bay

A well-broken wreck lies around the corner - bits of brass can still be found. Old Navy ship broke free from her tow on the way to the breakers.


Wrecks in the Haven


Large freighter sunk during the war by mines, situated just north of the east bay. She's 600 foot long and starting to break up now - some good swim throughs. Cargo tin plates still there. Takes 50 minutes to swim right round the wreck - good easy dive in good viz. Max depth 19 metres - make sure you stay with the shot to the bottom - current can run quite well. Some good sized congers and good fish life, cod. There is a permanent marker on it.


Gunboat just to the side of the Dakotian. Fairly small (Ivor the diver has got the bophors gun off of it).

Max 4 divers on it at one time - nice little wreck.


On Great Castle Head, cable layer went down during the war - really good wreck in good viz. Runs a bit at times though lots of fish life, some good swim throughs, lies in 19 metres.

S.S Collier

Real wreck - not a lot left, spread at 9 o'clock & 12 o'clock from the Stack Fort buoy.

Landing Craft

Lies in 16 metres of water just to the inside of the north cardinal buoy. Only a slack water dive though! Pretty dive - plumose anenomies on the top. Boat is upside down with the hatch open, no more than 6 divers on it at a time. Lobsters, crabs, scallops, langoustines and a couple of congers (large one inside).

Loch Shiel

Lies on the seaward side of Thorn Island. Whisky also firebricks are found well broken up - joined up the side of the island 10 metres deep.

Note - Slack tides are hard to predict so be very wary. If you need any more information contact us and have a chat...