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Dive sites Pembrokeshire - Hoopers Pt. to Jack Sound

Marloes Sands

A mile off Marloes Sands lies a landing craft with a Sherman tank on it. If you find it first, let us know cos we cant locate it! £100 reward if you do! Depth approx 30 metres - the search continues.

Gateholm Island

Rocks going out to the reef. Plenty of corals, sponges, loads of congers and lobster - a really good drift but go the right way (head towards St Anns) - 27 metres max.

The Benches

Couple of nice pinnacles just about ½ mile out. Fairly scoured out - ideal place to find the large crays, plenty of sponges, corals etc. Don't get the tide wrong though.


Lying close in. W.W.2 - our secret site.

Skank Rock

Reef heading out to about 17m. Well scoured by sea action - deep holes, boulders, kelp. Found odd pieces of wreckage.

Running Reef

Reef up to 13 metres - lies about a mile off shore - goes down to 27 metres. Lots of sponges, Ross corals, the odd cray, dog fish. Around here is a large cannon is this where the Santa Maria is? And the pots of gold!

West Dale

Series of rock formations, going out to about 27 metres. Found plenty of strange wreckage here on one occasion. Gullies, kelp to broken ground - certainly plenty of fish life.


Note - Slack tides are hard to predict so be very wary. If you need any more information contact us and have a chat...