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 Dive sites Pembrokeshire - Jack Sound to Little Haven

Borough Head

Very nice novice dive wall down to boulders / kelp to sand. Swim throughs, chimney, lobster, crab and plenty of fish life. Scallops abound, just back around the corner is a really nice night dive.  

Ticklas Point

Boulders, kelpy - a good novice dive. Cave in the corner, just before you get there is a 10 metre wall behind the outcrops. Lots of lobbies.  

Hen and Chicks

This is really one of the best dives you will ever come across - even got Trigger fish from July onwards. System of large pinnacles / reef. There is anything you would wish to find - Pipe fish, sea hares, nudibranchs, candy stripe flat worm, even the seals - only 8/l4 metres.  

Stack Rock


The ultimate everything dive - you name it, it's there... sea fans, scallops, lobster, crab, small shark, large shark, congers that would even scare your mother! Plumose, jewell, trurnpet, snakelock anemones, dead mens fingers by the acre - the biggest cuttle fish ever, octopus and lots more.  

Easy Shoredive

Sand with rock and kelp at the sides. Flatfish, Bass, Pollock, sand eels, nudibranchs, lobster, crab - and only 6 metres. Novices love this one.

Hand Marks

This is the place the dog fish meet - they travel with the current and rest at the back of the reef, hundreds of them. Large holes on the seabed with mini caves, plenty of conger and loads of sponges. Drops right off to 35m from 10m - watch the rip though.


Sheer Folly *** New ***

At the end of the Hand Marks, 3 miles out. Wall down to 39m, flying.  





The Run Around

Just out of St. Brides on the ebb really nice drift, about 2 knots. Reef to boulders to sand - loads of dead mens fingers, soft corals, the odd lobster or two. Really easy even for novices.  

Nabs Head

System of never ending gullies only about 17 metres. Seen lots of John Dory here, plenty of doggies, scallops hide here when they vanish from Skomer.

A real gem - love this dive, do most of our guided dives here. So much life - very rarely do we not find octopuses here. Show you the razor fish, kamikaze spider crabs, scallops by the bucket, cray fish, lobster etc. etc etc. - a real buzz.  

High Point - Octopus Reef

Another gem - only 15m. Conger, pipe fish, candy stripe flat worms, nudibranchs, and, of course, octopuses plus their egg cases. Nearly forgot - enough fishing gear to stock a shop. We try to take 5 weights a person plus line in safety to try and clear the dive.  

Martins Haven

The deeper shore dive out to 25 metres - everything is here for you. A Sea horse was found here a few years ago. From cray to seals - watch out for the Skomer boat, stay to the right or you'll get a fright!  

Junkos Rock

Named after Junko McBride on her birthday - prize if you know where she is now. Nice reef 13m on the south, 29m on the north - be careful with the tide or you will be in Jack Sound, this is a cracking dive if you like cray, lobster, crab, scallop, nudis, conger, red dead mens fingers and lots more.  

Wooltack Point

Work out from 8m on sand wall / boulders around and down into the gullies. There are some monster conger - be very careful though, do not attempt this dive on anything but slack... ask Laurie - 10m in 3 seconds up.