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Dale-Pembrokeshire-South West Wales


The magnificent Pembrokeshire coastline boasts an unspoilt natural landscape. Its varied scenery is often wild, ranging from rugged headlands and remote coves to extensive sandy beaches and lonely estuaries. The offshore islands are of international importance for their breeding seabirds, grey seals dolphins, porpoises and marine life. The waters around Skomer Island have been designated as a Marine Nature Reserve and provide fantastic diving opportunities to see octopus, seahorses sea slugs, crabs, lobster, crayfish, corals and many fish species. Wrecks are numerous with frequently clear water over rock bottoms giving some of the best diving in the U.K.


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Come and dive here yourselves - you won't be disappointed!


The underwater habitats support a rich and varied fauna and flora - this is due to the warm Atlantic Drift current bathing the western coast of the UK. It's a diver's paradise - once experienced, never forgotten.

It's very rare for a boat to be unable to launch and diving to take place. Sheltered coves and inlets are abundant and relatively unexplored. There are a multitude of wrecks, reefs, drop-offs and exhilarating drift dives - diving to suit every experience and taste.

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