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Dive sites Pembokeshire - Skokholm

Neils pinnacles *** New ***

Skokholm - just out of the flow - good cray ground - down to 30m plus.

Franks Point

Some wreckage, couple of really big anchors in close. Down to 38m so don't go when its running. Wreck at the bottom.  

The Head

Some really deep stuff 38m plus, peaks up to 8m. Really spooky dive, found a family of Crays having tea. Loads of fish life.

Unknown Wreck

System of gullies with a reef that extends out to deeper water. There's a 100ft wreck jammed into one of the gullies.

Danni's Drop Off

A reef up to 10m from the surface. Has walls going down 6m or so with large ridges and ledges. Much fish life including the largest Pollack I've ever seen. Abundant fish life including Cray, Lobster and Edible crabs. Has some pinnacle style rocks and swim throughs. Have to get the tide right to dive this one. Max 30m depth.

The Bowling Alley

Deep dark, some really impressive drop offs . System of gullies running out to 40 metres, found some really impressive lobsters, didn't have the heart to take them home.

Tony's Red Spires

Pinnacles, drop offs 30m plus. Sea fans, sponges, Ross coral and some large conger. Watch out for the rip - Laurie got half way to Skomer!

The Sea Fan Bed

Loads of smaller sea fans seem to have been attacked by an algae. Flattish reef system but found an albino fan in the middle. A few Dogfish around plus the odd crustacean.

Ed's Wreck

Well broken boilers, spars, keel, various bits and pieces hide under the sand at times - 11 metres






Flag Reef

So called because it's where I lost my flag. From the surface down to 28m. There's a wreck at the start of this dive, slatted decking, etc. Nice drop-off and overhangs - gullies running out to the sand.

Little Bay Point

Couple of old steamships in the shallows - very kelpy, 7metres

Jo's Peaks

Outer reef 6/32 metres, loads of gullies, drop offs, swim throughs. There is the biggest sea fan I have ever seen - about 4 feet lying in a gully, really something else! So many fish it's not true - one of the best dives I have ever found.

The Ski Slope

Wall going down to 30 metres straight as a die - some nice jewel anenomes. Plenty of slugs or nudibranchs, as the little creatures are better known. Found about 9 different types one day.

The Devil's Teeth

Situated by Peters bay, jagged rock formation, plenty of wreckage - guess someone got it wrong! Viz never too clever - pretty silty.

The Northern Sea Fans

Yes, they are not supposed to be here but they are. Found three specimens on 1 dive - show you if you want next time you're down Vicky!

Crab Alley

Bit of a back eddy at times, crabs seem to be running in circles. Goes down to 27 metres - lot of bricks, few spars, some nice sponges further out. Nice dog fish collection point.


Note - Slack tides are hard to predict so be very wary. If you need any more information contact us and have a chat...