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Dive sites - Pembrokeshire - Skomer

1. The Molesey

Sunk 26th November 1929. She was hit by a severe gale and experienced mechanical failure. A dramatic account of the sinking is available in Shipwrecks Around Wales – Volume 1 by Tom Bennet. The wreck lies in 20 metres of water and sits on a bottom of rock and kelp. The currents in the area are dangerous and you are advised to stay on the wreck throughout the dive.

2. The Dead Eye Wreck

The exact details of the vessel are not known but believed to have been lost in a storm. Lies in 16 metres of water and is well broken up. A nice reef lies to the west of the wreck.

3. Shag Rock

Heading south from Shag Rock you will find some pinnacles on top of which is an anchor, possibly from the Dead Eye Wreck. A second anchor lies between the pinnacles. Lots and lots of seals. 20 metres plus.

4. Al’s Rockery

A good reef dive - down to 16 metres with small reefs running off to the south. Plenty of life, particularly the small stuff. Makes a very good second dive.

5. Seal Hole

Another good reef dive with a rock and kelp bottom. One reef extends to a second one 50 metres offshore.

6. Mew Stone

A nice reef that extends out to 50 metres or so. You need to dive this on slack water as, at other times, currents can make this site infeasible.

7. Cray Bay

Some really large boulders. Less life close in – the action starts further out.

8. The Wick

Reef extends out to 40 metres. You are advised to stay in tight because of currents. Plenty of sponges and sea fans. Fish galore!

9. Skomer Head

Well down to 20 metres. Serious currents make this a difficult dive to get on to. Much life, especially anemones.

10. The Spit and Pigstone Bay

Plenty of life. Extends out to 40 metres. Found one of the biggest Crays here along with cuckoo wrasse and seals.

11. Bull Hole

Loads of life, including some nice fans. As you descend and move further out beware

as the current can pick up.



12. Pain’s Rock

Large rock boulders to one side, descend down to sand. Lots of Devonshire Cup corals and lobster hidey-holes. Much fish life here.

13. Garland Stone

Comprises a wall down to 40 metres. Loads of life but very dangerous currents, so dive this on neaps and slack water only.

14. Skomer Rip

Again, lots of life. Only dive this area on slack water as it runs like a steam train into the Goose Race at the back of Skomer. A dive for the more experienced diver.

15. The North Wall

A cliff dive that descends to 45 metres. Ledges in places. This is one of our popular sites – complete with boulder field. This dive has superb examples of sea fans, Dead Men’s Fingers and excellent sea squirts.

16. The Lucy

A 168 feet coaster containing a cargo of calcium carbide. The Lucy ran aground in Jack Sound and later sank near North Haven on Valentines Day in 1967. Intact and upright in 40 metres (42m on spring tides) . There is a permanent buoy on the bow. Dive on slacks, which is 2.5 hours after Milford Haven or any time when the tide is 6 m or less.

17. Rye Rocks

Surface to 40 metres you can even do the chicken Run – down the reef. Along the sand, over to the Lucy, surfacing on the shotline there. I hold the record with 11 minutes. The mast of the Lucy lies on this reef to one side.

18. Sea Fan Garden

Found this in passing one day (literally) drops off to 21 metres. Large wall covered in sea fans - saw about 40 including an Albino. At the end of the dive there’s a nice sea cave with a swim through.

Nicks Pig *** New ***

On W side of Skomer. Couple of cave swim throughs - drop down a hole and see the cave on the other channel. Watch out for any seals that might be in residence.