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Dive sites Pembrokeshire - Solva Area

Cave around the corner

Out of the harbour just to the right you will see a split in the rock, just in front is the entrance at only 5 metres. Go in, it runs for about 30 feet. There is a shaft of light from the split and the walls are red with sea squirts. Just to the left are a series of holes containing lobster and conger.  

Green Scar

Large island, rocky, kelpy to landward. On the seaward side in 22 metres are a couple of old steamships fairly well broken up. Nice reef system as you head in, well scoured out cave to the left. Plenty of lobster, crab - saw my first John dory here.  

Black Scar

Smaller reef with plenty of fish life - found the biggest shark I've ever seen here, tried to eat Jo - didn't fancy me thankfully!  

The Mare

Other side of Green Scar island, big sloping rock down to 17 metres. Had my first experience of trying to catch a lobster here. Boulder field around the rock large running gully on landward side - really nice dive. Don't go on any of these after heavy rain - lot of run off from the river.  

The Running Reef

Lying just 10 metres below the surface, a really extensive reef with some wide gullies and small caves. Drops to 25 m, plenty of life, nudibranchs galore, dog fish, pollack, octopus, crab, lobster - beware, the tide will pull you out on the ebb. Last time we were here H.M.S. Sheffield nearly got us.  

Felin Fowl

Some big conger live round here - had a couple of frights. Reef at 17m, boulders, kelp - nice easy second dive.  

Felin Fach

Very much as Felin Fowl. Found plenty of lobster and crab also octopus and some nice scallops.



The Three Tugs

One was towing the other two and broke down - result not good! Just to the left of Solva - all three in a heap.  

Carfai Bay

Wall running out only about 15m. Some nice things on the wall and in it - last time we were here was on the lifeboat - the dog was very pleased to see us, had tried abseiling and failed!  


Note - Slack tides are hard to predict so be very wary. If you need any more information contact us and have a chat...