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                Pembrokeshire Diving locations

                          The Smalls Reef


Lying 22 miles off-shore from St. Ann’s Head, The Smalls are one of a group of reefs. It breaks the surface of the water with a lighthouse to mark it. Wrecks abound in the vicinity and recently a Viking sword was discovered - the search still goes on for the owner.

The area around the reef consists of large gulleys, walls, immense drop-offs and is one of the few places where orange Deadmen’s Fingers can be found. There are lobster, crab and crayfish in abundance and the shoals of fish swim along with divers. I recently swam through a massive spiral of mackerel, dodging the gannets that were diving for the fish.  

Jasons Jugular ** New **

Look down the wall - 25m below see the gully going into the distance - wreckage as well.

Dutchmans Reef ** New **

A really scenic wall - 13m goes down to... well I stopped at 29m, still a long way to go.

Wreck ** New **

A new wreck in 19m to the east of the light - plenty of stuff to go through.

Wreck ** New **

New wreck at the Barrells - 24m down to 40m - hardly a finger mark on it.

The Abyss

Gently down to 8m, past the ridge, through a sma11 opening down to 15m. Past the tunnel and down to 26m, and down, and down and on to 50m.

White Wall

Into the kelp at 14m, down the gully, over the top of the reef with a large boulder. Go around the corner along the sandy gully going down well to the right. Here you wi11 find the White Wall with Dead Man’s fingers, plumose and also Lobster to die for!

Conger Run

A Conger every “fin” of the way. Big ones, small ones and some with heads the size of horses! Is this a Conger breeding zone. Only in 18m.  

Steptoe’s Yard

Never seen so much scrap meta1 and wreckage. Capstans around the place. Bits of this, bits of that cant find the other!! Prize for the first one to name the horse!






The Londoner

There is a lobster at the bottom of the gully that must be 25lbs! His harem run up and down the gully. A lobster every 4 ft. Down at 18m the gully runs into a cu1-de-sac that rises up to 12m then drops off to 25m.

The Orange Reef

Down in the gu11ies to 18m the walls are all covered in Dead Man’s Fingers, round into the drop off and on down to a 25m sandy bottom. Boulders lead to a drop off and over the edge to 35m in a really large gully. Watch the currents - they are liable to drag you down on the ebb.


  Orcas, as well as dolphin, porpoise, basking shark and Minke whales have been sighted in the area as well as the resident grey seal population (who are very inquisitive to say the least).  


Potential dates for diving The Smalls in 2015 *** To be confirmed ***


Dates are selected for suitable tides but all Smalls trips depend on the weather.


Mid-week dives will continue this year - if you are interested please email for inclusion on our dive list - we will contact all those interested if the weather looks okay for a trip. Dives may be on any day of the week.